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Request for Contributors!

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

The is seeking help from the community in publishing block entries to educate people about the fundamentals of blockchain, what it does now, and what it can do for us in the future.

These entries range from entry-level, primary explainer entries to technical proof of concepts and theoretical discussion.

Please visit the home page for information on how to join.

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Bradley Layton
Bradley Layton
18 may 2022

CoEngineers is looking forward to collaborating and sees build3 as a valid implementation of the 2015 NSPE whitepaper. Blockchain Technology for Professional Engineers: NSPE FinTech Task Force Publishes Whitepaper – Community Engineering Services ( Blockchain Technology for Professional Engineers:

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Kenneth Shultz
Kenneth Shultz
06 dic 2022
Contestando a

@Bradley Layton can't wait to see where all of these ideas lead us! It feels like a lot of heads down time, then when we look up I see all of the progress each of us have made in these areas and how they are starting to all connect. Hope to catch up soon!

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